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We provide custom boxes of all types and colors made up of different type of materials including cardboard, rugged tough materials, paperboard or thin well-processed Kraft Paper packaging which not only keeps your product safe but also keeps it fresh and up to the mark.

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Custom Die Cut Boxes

//Custom Die Cut Boxes

Die-cut boxes are unique, effective, and innovative packaging solutions. These boxes are easy to assemble without the need for tape or glue. However, they have a functional and durable structure. Custom boxes design offer high-quality and stylish die cut boxes wholesale in amazing styles. Made of biodegradable and strong packaging materials, these boxes are best to safely accommodate and deliver your products. Also, we offer them windows and many other unique features for incredible product presentation.
We manufacture these boxes with professional excellence by implying modern techniques. You can get them in many trendier styles for multiple products. All our boxes feature innovation, premium quality, and durability. Hence, we can customize these boxes according to your needs. Just specify your concerns and well will work accordingly to transform your ideas into a reality.
Due to high-end technology and manufacturing approach, we create these boxes in a lot of shapes, sizes, and styles. These boxes maximize the protection of the inside items while preventing all sorts of damage. We can print and embellish boxes by using special tools. All our team is highly experienced and skilled in providing incredible packaging solutions as per the new trends. However, we never compromise on the quality aspect that makes our products the best-selling in the market.

Made innovatively by a professional team of Custom boxes design, die-cut boxes are great to enhance the value, demand, and safety of your products. We create the shape and style of these boxes uniquely as per your product’s dimensions. To manufacture them, we use cardboard, cardstock, bux board, and Kraft packaging materials. However, we use the latest die-cut techniques to give them a creative outlook.

These boxes come with 4 walls attached to the base. The shape that can hold retail stuff is created by fitting the tabs together. A top lid made of one of the flaps entirely encloses the box and safeguards the object within. Also, we offer them window cut-outs that enhance the aesthetic visual appeal of products on the retail shelves.

The premium quality and captivating styles of our boxes make them the leading choice of many brands. From manufacturing to the designing process, we give attention to every single detail allowing us to make an incredible range of die-cut packaging boxes at affordable rates.

Get Custom Printed Die Cut Boxes in Creative Designs & Alluring Colors

CBD has excelled in the production and designing of die cut packaging boxes wholesale that impress customers at the first glance. By using modern printing and designing methods. we create exciting box exteriors in alluring themes, colors, and artwork. After years of experience, skills, and understanding of box production, our dedicated team creates packaging that gives your products a standout look.

Our company uses the latest equipment and tools that can produce die-cut boxes of the finest qualities. Depending on the theme of the product, we can print them in many ways by using modern techniques. For printing purposes, we use screen, digital, offset, lithography, and flexography methods. All these are highly reliable techniques used to produce high-quality, engaging, and long-lasting prints. However, CMYK and PMS color models help to give amazing color schemes to the graphics.

The incredible printing approach gives our boxes an excellent look. We give you full liberty to customize the exterior of boxes in your preferable themes, colors, and patterns. The fascinating look of our printed die-cut boxes gives your products a standout look on the retail shelves. They have the potential to quickly grab the attention of buyers and convince them to buy your products.

Our Boxes Possess Durable & Functional Structure

The protection of your retail stuff matters a lot during the display and storing process. At CBD, we keep in view the high-quality standards while manufacturing boxes. The top-notch packaging materials are used to make die-cut packaging solutions that are protective, innovative, and visually appealing. As mentioned earlier, these boxes require no glue or tape for assembling.

They have multiple vent holes, joints, and slits that help in the rigid assembly of the boxes. You can have them in intricate designs and sturdy structures made neatly with the finest edges and corners. In them, your products look extremely pleasing and alluring as we manufacture them perfectly. The neat corner cuttings and folding flaps give our boxes a flawless look. However, these boxes can be printed and designed in accordance with your specific business needs.

We guarantee that the incredible quality of boxes maximizes the protection of your valuable products for a long time. You can get durable and affordable die cut boxes to safely deliver and display retail items. Definitely, your customers will get impressed by your brand when witnessing or receiving products in such premium packaging boxes.

Special Quality and Designing Features of our Custom Die Cut Boxes

Many packaging companies are providing boxes in multiple styles and layouts to fulfill the diverse needs of businesses. CBD has a special position among competitors offering the best-designed and exclusive range of die cut packaging boxes wholesale. The use of high-tech machines and modern design methods allow us to make perfect packaging solutions.

We aim to make your products the center of attention. For this purpose, we create boxes in unique, trendier and creative ways that impress customers at the first glance. Our boxes are worth investing due to the several features and properties that are as follows!

  • We offer premium and best-quality boxes for all kinds of products.
  • Our die-cut boxes with window panes enhance the visibility and aesthetic appeal of your products
  • Our boxes are easy to assemble, strong and durable
  • We design these boxes with accuracy, efficiency, and the finest edges
  • They come in exciting prints, color schemes, patterns, and artwork
  • For added safety, we design die-cut packaging with special coatings including spot UV, Matte, Gloss and Semi-Gloss
  • Our boxes are 100% customizable in your preferable shape, size and layout
  • They can be embellished with embossing, debossing, hot stamp foiling, and gold/silver foiling

Get All Types of Die-cut Boxes for Many Products & Industries

CBD is here to cater to the diverse needs of multiple brands and industries. By investing in our exceptionally crafted and high-quality die cut box packaging, you can gain the right attention for your products. We understand all your business needs and provide suitable and affordable solutions accordingly. You order any of the following types of die-cut boxes!

  • Die cut cosmetic boxes
  • Die cut bakery boxes
  • Die cut display boxes
  • Die cut sleeve boxes
  • Die cut window boxes
  • Die cut soap boxes
  • Die cut insert boxes
  • Die cut cereal boxes

Order an Affordable Range of Custom Die Cut Boxes

Our Boxes are built specifically to carry products safely with style and excellence. Your delicate and unique item will be protected by our die cut packaging boxes until it is safely delivered to your customers. However, they provide a great unboxing experience to customers.

For the packaging of any things in any design, shape, stock material, or size that sellers have an interest in, our professionals at CBD will provide modeled die-cut boxes accordingly. However, our boxes are available at highly affordable rates despite their premium quality and innovative styles. We provide free design support to our customers along with free shipping and fast turnarounds. Request a free quote now!


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